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“For many years now, my curiosity about both technology and people has led me into many situations, roles and organisations. Since I have worked with different aspects of leadership in various tech-heavy companies for many years, I have also had the many opportunities to observe and think about how those organisations work and how the people in them can develop further. I believe very strongly in good teams and a modern, coaching kind of leadership. I also consider customer focus and transparency to be important success factors.”


Background and previous roles

Head of Development at  Avanza Bank

Director of Development & InfraOps at Accedo

Interim Development Manager and Management Coach at the Swedish Pensions Agency

Corporate Training Manager at Streamserve(OpenText)

Head of IT / IT manager at several companies

Project consultant (advice and project rescue)

Software Developer

Senior instructor at several companies
(for both technical and soft skills areas)

…Which in turn has meant these responsibility areas

Software development

Management and leadership

Agile methodology

Change management and agile transformation

Team building and recruitment

Project management/control

Development of people and departments

Professional trainings and lectures

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